September Williams' Chasing Mercury Chapter Assiniboine River Louis Riel and Victor Hugo

In Chasing Mercury there are a lot of contextual references to pieces of art that were not well accepted because they were though risqué or inappropriate for the stature of the subject. One of those is the sculpture of Louis Riel, a Metis man. It used to sit on the  grounds of the Manitoba Legislature with Louis naked to the rath of the wind and those who killed him. He was posthumously pardoned for his two rebellions againts the crown and also declared the rightful founder of the province. However the sculpture was moved to St. Boniface College sometime in the 1980s ( which Louis himself had attended a century before. )  Another more conservative piece -- that doesn't show his revolutionary fuvor but looks like the other statesmen on the grounds replaces it.  

I write this after having spent hours hunting down the sculpture of Victor Hugo and His Muses by Rodin. Which was supposed to be in the pantheon but was thought inappropriate. Finally freed from it's cast and bronzed in the 1960s it now sits on a traffick island in Paris. A joy to the neighborhood but hard to find. Victor and his Muses are part of book II of the  Chasing Mercury series while Louis Reils open to the rath of the elements is in book 1. They are my two favorite sculptures and not only because of their revolutionary past.