September Williams' Chasing Mercury: Audiobook Coming Soon: Shifting Possibilities

 It would be nice to share while I'm at the Minamata Convention conference in Geneva next week. 

The  same words can be delivered in so many different forms. Though I love electronic media particularly on screen, I saw it's down side while reading the book. Audiobooks are facile -- You are not required to imagine a South African, or Cree, or Metis accent. You don't have to figure out if a characters blue jeans are dark blue or faded powdered blue if I tell you. I also tell you what is important by the emphasis my voice delivers -- But when you read it yourself, as do others, the words have so many more possibilities than my or anyones voice could deliver -- it's like a symphony being played with different instruments -- as yet imagined. However, I am also a fan of audiobooks because the replace the drudgery of life with fun, and information and thought in a different way -- for busy people who may dream of sitting down to read two hours a day --an audiobook may be as good as it gets. 

I'm very happy that  I was able to 'license' Michael Friedman's performance of 'A Poor Man's World' (written by  Michael and Robert Starks for the album Random Acts of Tuning) for the opening and ending credits it gives a nice symmetry  for the book and for my life.  So look for the Chasing Mercury audio book sometime  in the next week or two . Start thinking about secret Santa gifts. It will be on  5 o6 audio book distributors -- including all the usual places. I'll let you know as they come on line.