September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury, Inspiration of Sculpture, Rodin, Victor Hugo and his Muse

I spent two days walking through Paris looking for Rodin's  Victor Hugo and his  Muse last May. Of course it was very close all the time  tucked away on a small traffic island between Avenue Henri Matin and Victor Hugo.  Victor Hugo and His Muse is the piece that was lost. Then two  plaster cast found in the late 50s and bronze poured in the 1960s. One of them is in Paris and the other I think in Philadelphia.

I was delighted when my son chose sculpture as a major in college. Sculpture inspires one to wonder what happened before and after the story it tells. Infact there is an entire scene in front of Victor Hugo and his Muse in the Weighing Lead the second book in the Chasing Mercury Toxic Trilogy. 

All this is to  explain why I will be at this exhibit this Saturday  -- which will kick off the month prior to International Sculpture Day.:

Pacific Rim Sculptors SPACE 151 | Levy Art + Architecture Present an exhibition of 17 Bay Area artists whose work nudges the boundaries of what sculpture allows viewers to see and feel. Jack Fischer of Jack Fischer Gallery juried. Opening Reception & Announcement of Best of Show, 3:00-5:00 PM | Saturday, March 17  Levy Art + Architecture located at 151 Potrero Ave., SF. Visit 9AM - 5PM, Mon-Fri. Call 415-641-7320 at the door.