September Williams Author of Chasing :"Work at the community level and nationally for HOW to Help the Babies on the Border!"

This from one community that is organizing to respond -- we all have communities that can do the same -- but this information is  a good place to start. 


Homeland Security – in collaboration with Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department – is cruelly separating families at the border for no legitimate reason. Immigration authorities have separated THOUSANDS of children from their families. Some children, like the son of someone in our lawsuit, are as young as 18 months old.

We know the government will bend to public pressure because they have already reunited one asylum seeker with her child after more than 65,000 activists like you signed the petition. Now we need to make sure our members of Congress take action to end this cruel practice once and for all. Let’s reunite every family the Trump administration tore apart – and make sure this never happens again.

DONATE TO CHARITIES: A friend from Half Moon Bay who is going to McAllen on Friday, sent me the following information about how we can all help. Judy

Hi everyone! This is a note from someone in the community who is organizing -- work at your local level and share this information in your comunity

Thank you all for your patience and support of this project. I so appreciate hearing from so many of you in response to the first email about this plan. We have pulled many of our details together and are ready for our trip this weekend. 10 of us, so far, are making the trip! We will be going to the McAllen Border Patrol Station, which is where the Central Processing Facility is; it is the 72 hour facility where children are held when they are first separated from their parents and before they are sent to the other facilities, such as to the Walmart center you have heard about in the news. We will stand in solidarity outside the facility with our (hopefully) piles of boxes of supplies, and our matching tee shirts that say “I want my mommy” on them. If you are a Facebook user, please join our page. We will be doing Facebook Live from McAllen on that page.

Some great news to report is that we are working with Catholic Charities, if you aren’t familiar with them, it is a very large nonprofit that works with government facilities all over the country. The ACLU is recommending money and items be sent to Catholic Charities. It is working. I spoke with the director of the McAllen Center and he has received over 3000 boxes from Amazon in the last couple of days! Our contingent is likely going to spend a few hours on Saturday afternoon helping them unpack and put the content in order. So we are not going to inundate that nonprofit with more. There are however numerous other charities who still need supplies, and if sending money is your preference, see the link below to do that.

Here are three categories to choose from where we hope you will participate.

Lightly used clothing - have you cleaned out your closet lately?

Organize for people who are going to the boarder to will be collecting clothing for children and adults, all ages and sizes. Anyone with clothes you would like to donate please email me and I will provide you with Kathy’s address to drop off. Please no big heavy winter clothing; although it does get cold in south Texas, we want to address the current weather needs. (Pants, shorts, tee shirts, blouses, skirts, shoes, sneakers, loafers, etc.)

Prefer to make a monetary donation?

It is very easy to do so by using this link. These donations will go directly to Catholic Charities in McAllen. In addition to their work of helping the homeless they have a program where they help the folks leaving the 72 hour facilities. They have also just rented a storage unit for the aforementioned thousands of Amazon boxes, and likely have to add a second storage unit. Managing the outpouring of kindness is not insignificant. The director also mentioned they are raising money to build a facility for temporary housing as well. He is happy to receive anything we can send him.



or Wish List from Amazon

There are numerous nonprofits who can use the items listed below. Please choose what you’d like to order from the list. Please make your order for FRIDAY delivery. You will have to put your Amazon Prime to work for 2 day delivery!

Have your donation sent to

Lilli Rey Arrival Date June 22

c/o DoubleTree Suites

1800 2nd Street

McAllen, TX 78503



Wish List Items

Underwear for all ages

Disinfectant wipes

Sandwich bags, snack bags

Paper towels

Trash bags

Disposable cups

Paper plates



Baby wipes

Baby bottles

Baby and toddler clothes

Pacifiers, teething toys

Toiletries for men and women (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, brushes, etc.)

Sealed snack food (granola bars, peanut crackers. cheese crackers)

Drawstring knapsacks

Crayons, markers, coloring books

Picture books, chapter books, workbooksWH