Copy of September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury--Home for the Winter


Like geese head to their preferred home for the winter - so do I. Chicago has been good to Chasing Mercury and its origins in the waters of the earth.  I've also been able to spend time with colleagues and mentors who span over 30 years and taught me much of the science in CM. However, it has not escaped me ( nor my body)  that I have boarded and debarked from 20 separate aircrafts since this past May here in the USA, Canada, France, Portugal and Switzerland. I am due for a rest and will stick close to home for the next several months while getting  Weighing Lead, Part II of the "Chasing Mercury Toxic Trilogy" ready. Never have truer words ever been spoken than, "Your book owns you -- not the other way around."  I'm not complaining -- just tired while grateful for the opportunity and thankful. 

In large part, the traveling has been for the book. I've been introducing Chasing Mercury to many who care about environmental justice and -- especially at the Minamata Convention Meeting in Geneva -- but also researching Weighing Lead where Canada, Chicago, Paris, Iran and Indonesia make appearances on the flight path of Mercury.  Like the Minamata Convention -- the Stockholm Convention

I'm happy to be home for the winter and hope to see many people at local bookstores and libraries reading and talking about the inspirations for the Chasing Mercury Toxic Trilogy.