September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury - was at Mechanics Institute Writers Lunch and going to David Rodwin's Comic Play F*+6 Tinder

This past Friday, not only was I late to my talk at the Mechanics Institute Library (Thank gosh I managed to email my slides there before hand, and my National Writers Union Sisters Brigid O'Farrell ( She was One of US) and Sarah Kornfeld ( soon to be published What Stella Sees) tap danced before I got there! 

Well, I gave the talk ( sans morning coffee despite it being 12 noon.) I think the talk went ok -- but afterward when my two NWU sisters and Author Kristin Kaye ( Tree Dreams ) were about to take photos ( in the Mechanics Institute Library Ladies Room -- with the great frosted windows light)  I realized that my dress was inside out -- I'd left the house in that state. Yes -- it'd the life of a writer lost in creating book two of the Chasing Mercury Toxic Trilogy,  while having an infant at home already ( Chasing Mercury.)  With every blessing comes some of that other thing. 

Ok, tomorrow night I am going to see David Rodwin's play  - I'm looking forward to some great comedy from a super writer at Piano Fight. I'll keep you posted. It's a little late for me but I'm counting on it to keep me solidly awake.