September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury Reviews Cary Richards 'Poppy Field Diary'

It was smooth and easy -- until it wasn't. But the new phase was just as moving, The mounting tensions of a lush romance entangled with the politics of the near east region of the Farsi world during the final decades of the 20th century served as a preamble to current times. 

A smart woman's character winds us through the joys and the tragedy of one of the worlds most contested regions-- then and now. It is a braided narrative of families bound by marriage and nations thrown asunder by burgeoning violence. When I got to the point where I needed to know who would win -- the young heroine that we had known since she was a child playing in "her poppy field," before marriage, before war-- I was overwhelm with my own hope for her. 

This is a book for people who love to love and love to think -- I give it my highest recommendation.