September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury goes to Geneva for COP1 Minamata Convention on Mercury

I’ll have an opportunity to share Chasing Mercury with those who brought the issues to life in a different way. I will be there under the auspices of the National Writers Unionamong other outlets and with my International Federation of Journalists Press credentials. Not surprisingly my interest is, among other things, press freedom, protection of journalist and environmental justice. I will also be doing research for the next book because of being in close proximity to those who have helped established other Multilateral Environmental Agreements — like the one that took lead out of gasoline in many places in the world. Over seventy-five nations have ratified - only 50 are required our of the nations who first signed the convention -- but to be completely effective every nation and waterway has to be engaged in decreasing this and other persistent organic pollutants. Communicating that-- is where writers come in.