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BIOETHICS is an organized way of thinking about moral problems in medicine, science, technology and man-made institutions that affect people and other living things.  Bioethics helps to figure out what we "ought" to do. The more science and technology grow, the more people need to make informed decisions. Practice in the bioethical approach provides a basis for better moral decisions and actions.



Ninth Month Consults is an independent 501c3 bioethics consultation practice housed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The purpose of the organization is to support, locate and provide resources for multi-platform screen projects with bioethical relevance that can promoting health literacy,  expand health awareness; increase the range of health care options, and decrease health disparities.

Ninth Month Consults seeks to resource screen projects with real life popular bioethical concerns identified through our bioethics consultations.  Our consultations inform screen representation of: 
    - Clinical patient case based issues and human research subjects
    - Broad non-case based  issues impacting institutions, organizational policy, strategic planning emerging technologies, law, ecological and humanitarian violations.

- Bioethics Screen Reflections is an going project of Ninth Month Consults. It has been developed to serve find good examples of  bioethical threads in popular screen media useful for patients, clinician or student  education. These educational reviews are available free of charge and without copyright restraints--to provide timely  bioethics analysis of popular film and television Bioethics Screen Reflections is disseminated to individuals and by RSS feed to libraries, other bioethics publications, educational institutions, and individuals. 




-  Individuals, Families and Surrogates
-  Physicians, nurses, transplant services, organ donor organizations
-  Health system administrators, Hospital Bioethics committees
-  Conservators and attorneys
-  Policy makers, non-profit foundations, corporations and institutes
-  N.G.O.s and Relief Organizations
-  Scientific researchers, educators and Institutional Review Boards
-  Screen directors, producers and writers





Ninth Month Consults believes:
  -  Bioethics understanding we want depicted on screen should come from the reality of individuals and communities. 
  -  We transfer the sense of what we learn from consults to screen artist who want to be bioethics relevant
  -  Independent creative screen artist  have difficulty finding resources to support their projects
  -  Bioethical decision making impacts health. 
  -  Tools of bioethics need to be accessible to the average person.
  -  Ninth Month’s broad plexus includes bioethicists, physicians, communications specialists, market researchers, lawyers, financial experts, designers and screen artists; all helpful to bioethics communication on screen. 
  -  Though popular media influences the general population’s understanding of health issues, little of it has accurate bioethics content or analysis.  
  -  There is less health and bioethics content in popular screen works aimed at viewers most affected by health and health care disparity.




Ninth Month Consults uses a bioethics facilitation approach in both clinical and non-clinical consultations to mediate, share expertise and provide recommendations about:                              

-Best use standards for bioethics relevant clinical management, media creation, and viewing,

-Educating, improving,demonstrating understanding for bioethical decision making, and organizing the approach to decisions in ethically charged situations. 

-Ranking relevant considerations in order of priority                  

-Providing reasonable approaches to implementing decisions     

-Reviewing evidenced-based knowledge          

-Clarifying issues and devices to promote individual autonomy, considering the balance in distribution of burdens and benefits to those most at risk for abuse in systems,  and documenting the process of bioethical analysis related to a given consultation.





In the home territory, actual or virtual (through video/telecommunication), of the person needing the consultation and where the ethicist may :
    -   Conduct a physical examinationconfidential interviews
    -   Review clinical charts, test, consent processes, protocols and evidence based literature, historical document, films etc. 
    -   Communicate with surrogates and relevant members of the interdisciplinary care team
    -   Access institutions: (committees, regulatory agencies, institutional review boards) and virtual institutions (literature, written policy,  procedures)




    -  As determined by the urgency of concerns and consultant availability.
    -  Where possible business hours should be observed
    -  Frequently,  in clinical medical settings families or individuals need to be met outside the normal workday
    -  Ninth Month Health Care Ethicists strive to be respectful and accommodating.
    -  Clinical consultation reports may be provided to clinicians through secure confidential EMR or by phone outside of business hours upon request.


The Ninth Month Consults Board includes:                                                               

Therese Francis PhD (Ninth Month Consults Executive Director) is an  Author, Publisher and principle of the Cross Quarters Publishing Group. The Cross Quarter  Publishing Group is devoted to Multi-media products that promote wellness in its widest definition in the areas of health, thought, finances, spirituality, sovereignty and human potential.

Dianne Houston is a film and television Director,Producer, and Screenwriter. She was the first African American Woman nominated for the Academy Award in the live action short film category. She holds nominations for the Writers Guild Award, won the 2017 Gracie Award and is recipient of an NAACP Image award. At this writing Dianne has written/directed/produced  more twelve television series -- five of them medical television dramas while others have medical through lines.  

Deborah Clayton Wainhouse ( affectionately known as Silver Wainhouse) is a writer and entrepreneur who brings her diverse background to Womanistics. Womanistics is a platform whose mission is to tell, value, and protect the stories of women—while recognizing their inherent strength to dismantle what hinders a woman's ability to thrive.Deborah is based between the USA and France.

September Williams, MD, is the founding member of Ninth Month Consults and  a physician-writer--bioethicist and filmmaker. Her attributes include fellowships in clinical medical ethics at the (University of Chicago’s MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics);  Surgical Nutrition and hyperalimentation (Chicago Med); and a HERSA Clinical Geriatrics Fellowship ( University of California San Francisco.) Dr. Williams has  cared for patients for 30 years much of it focused on acute hospital or ER based medicine, edges of life care and bioethics.  She has provided  more than 1000 case/non-case based healthcare ethics consultations.  

The  broad network of  the Ninth Month Consults' board allows the organization to actualize the goal  of supporting and informing multi-media screen projects. Ninth Month Consults bioethical aims include promoting health literacy,  expanding health awareness and the range of health care options, and decreasing health disparities.