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UDATE **** Sorry about that--SEPTEMBER WILLIAMS AUTHOR OF CHASING MERCURY gives Grand Rounds the Founding Myths of Bioethics at CHICAGO MEDICAL SCHOOL NOVEMBER 20, 2017

  • Chicago Medicial School 3333 Greenbay Road, Centennial room, RWCLC 2.068 North Chicago, Illinois 6064-3095 USA (map)

It is my pleasure to return to Chicago this week and give grand rounds at Chicago Medical School. CMS is one of my many alma maters. Following a year working in East Africa, I spent one year of Internal Medicine Residency and A Surgical Nutrition and Hyperalimentation  Fellowship at CMS before returning to Cook County Hospital. My interest in both ICU and Malnutrition, emboldened by the time in East Africa caring for children exiled from their homeland,  lured me to the  CMS environment-- which  touted leaders in both those fields.  There is a warm place in my heart for the many friends, colleagues, and teachers there  then and now. I'm honored and excited to be going back and give my TED TALK prelude -- The Founding Myths of Bioethics as a grand rounds. On Friday  evening 11/17/2017 notes for the talk will be available on