Questions for Readers of Chasing Mercury

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These are some questions that I am asking Chasing Mercury readers to think about.  If you have the time and the space I would appreciate you sending me a note about any of these questions.  It is best for you to leave me a message through 'contacts' on this website.  Please add anything else you would like to share with me. Criticism is welcome! 

    After you have finished Chasing Mercury, please answer any/all of these questions you like in discussion or in writing.

    1• Did your opinion of Forest change over the course of the novel? Sicily? If so, when and why?

    2• Who was your favorite character in the novel, and why?

    3• How did you feel about the mothers in the book? The family cultures? How did you receive the parts of the story that constituted Sicily's family back story?

    4• Chasing Mercury is a romance, suspense memoir. Do you agree? Why?

    5•Do you like Ballet, Classic Movies, Romance or Suspense? How did Chasing Mercury  work for you in this regard?

    6• If you had to name a villain in the story who would it be?

    7• In the next two books, which characters would you like to hear more from--and why? (Yes,I'm asking you to work for me!)

    8• Was the ending a surprise? Would you have preferred a different ending?

   9• Did you learn anything about the history of social, racial, or environmental justice? Did you care about history in the story? What jumped out?

  10•  Did the book encourage you to seek more information about Mercury Poisoning? Social or environmental justice? Has the book encouraged you to know more about the mercury cycle? The Minamata Convention on Mercury? is an excellent resource

 11•Will you buy wild caught or Atlantic Farmed salmon now?   Were you spurred to look up or apply information about fish and mercury poisoning risks?

 12• Why were the  films referenced, referenced? The ballets? The music? Do you see a common theme?

13•How do you feel about the use of geography and history in the book -- Lakes, Canada, Zurich, Berlin, California, Minamata?

14• Would you like to hear the Chasing Mercury audiobook? Have you ever used Whisper Sync? Do you read ebooks?

15•Would you like to hear me talk about Chasing Mercury or chat with me in a small group?

16•In a line or two please describe yourself and if you like give me your age, gender, the city, town or county where you live and name. 

19•"In the time of Mercury Poisoning Loving Someone Enough to Let them Go is for Cowards," What do you think that tag line means?

 18• Do you have other questions for me? Please use the  ‘contact' tab on my website:


For More Information About Canadian Minamata Disease see:

I have selected two partners with whom the profits from Chasing Mercury are shared: 

 The Canadian First Nation Grassy Narrows  information arm of the struggle for environmental protection from mercury--


Green Action For Health and Environmental Justice

I encourage you to support these organizations as well. 


Thank you so much for your interest in Chasing Mercury!