Ninth Month Productions - Films by September Williams

WHEN WE ARE ASKED: About Crossing Over (DVD) directed by September Williams (2015) USA. NinthMonth Productions (61 min) This film looks at end of life issues from the perspective of African Americans. It explores Family, Struggles, Spirituality in this iconic culture. In the proximity of death, truths emerge showing that though African Americans are at risk for worse deaths than others in the USA,  they also represent both heterogeneous and universal truths. This is film is written, directed and produced by September Williams /Ninth Month Productions and is drawn from over 100 hours of interviews, spanning the USA from Hawaii to Washington, Chicago to Alabama.

DANCE FOR JOY (DVD) directed by September Williams (2008) USA. Irene Martinez. Productions. 10 min. Using African Dance to Promote Health 

A CONVERSATION ON MORAL INTUITION  (VHS,DVD) directed by September Williams. (2000) USA. Ninth Month Productions (55 min) This is a documentary featuring major contributors to ending the U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee, Alabama and the establishment of the National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care. Includes Whistle Blower Peter Buxton, Attorney Fred Gray, Associate Press Journalist Edie Letterer, Physician Playwright Dr. David Feldshuh and Dr. Marian Gray Secundy.

EASTER (16MM/DVD) directed by September Williams. (1995) USA. Ninth Month Productions 20 min. A fictionalization of Post Traumatic Stress for a woman who is a survivor of torture political repression. 

REMORALIZATION (16MM/DVD) directed by September Williams. (1995) USA. Ninth Month Productions. 30 min. A tribute to the death of hundreds of people who died in the Chicago’s Heat Inversion of the 1990s and those medical staff who served them. 

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