Tennessee Valley Cove, Marin County California

Tennessee Valley Cove, Marin County California

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Cove International Publishers (CIP) supports written and visual arts illuminating environmental, civil and humanitarian justice concerns. The press has a bent toward works ultimately expressing points of congruency between diverse peoples and subjects.

Cove International Publishers seeks to help writers and artist share their works of fiction as well as non-fiction. Books of interest include monographs, memoirs and novels (ebooks, hard copy, audiobooks and graphic,) photo essays, and compendiums of visual art.    

The serene but fragile environment of the Northern California Coast, particularly Tennessee Valley Cove, in Marin County, has a unique but universal capacity to expand consciousness. It is that ability which inspires the name, Cove International Publishers.

Interest in CIP  may be expressed through the contacts tab on this website.