Chasing Mercury Chapter 24, Clear Lake, 1975, the Seine, M. Poulet and President Macron of France


    “Qui,” he laughed too. “Your grandfather told me that you speak French and that you are a dancer.”

    “Correct on the second, but you can hear, not on the first. I try to speak French. There is no evidence I have any facility with language.”

    “He told me that you live in Canada, Winnipeg, near St. Boniface. Qui?” 

    “He did? Well, yes, I do.” This was a good thing. It meant her grandfather was clear enough to communicate when awake. 

    “Have you been to France?” M. Poulet asked.

    “Not yet,” she said.

We only begin to see Sicily's relationship with France and M. Poulet during book I of the Chasing Mercury Series but there is more in book II Lead Wait.

Today 39 year old Emanuel Marcon was inaugurated as president of France with his wife of 20 years and  who is 25 years her husband's junior. She stood by his side oh so cool and smart. His platform was pluralistic, fiscally responsible, underpinned by education, immigrant supportive, admitting to past horrific mistakes by his nation and above all else -- diametrically opposed to his narrow nationalist closest political competitor. It's going to be a tough battle charting this new course without a party -- like organizing a union shop without a shop factory floor where the union shop Stewart meets people. But Macron has already done the impossible today no reason to believe he and his supporters can't do the same tomorrow.