September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury Advocates EYES ON THE PRIZE

My resolutions are to continue to encourage love of the environment and environmental justice. because JUSTICE IS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE. I resolve to remember that this is a time where 'good' is not a subtle concept -- there are elections to be won,  jobs and lives to be saved. I want to place energy where it counts, not where I wish it counted -- but where it counts in elections. I want to encourage coalitions to put aside petty differences and recognize a historically significant danger -- a whole planet depends on the people of the USA to get our ( insert your expletive here) together and fix this fine mess we have worsened this year bickering over first world problems. AND I RESOLVE  -- WHEN I DON'T WANT TO FOLLOW THE NEWS -- TO REMEMBER THAT IS WHEN I MOST NEED TO DO SO.  

Like Howard Beal, I encourage all to  yell from your window -- "I'm sick and tired and I am not going to take it anymore." Happy New Year and new chance!