September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury learns book Giveaways are like Fireworks on the 4th of July.

 Its a phenomena!  Who knew????  I really am trying to understand how and why it works in such a spectacular way. Let's face it the ebook version of Chasing Mercury doesn't cost much. -- I think it is the randomness--that is the gamble--the not knowing. People who design fireworks don't know what they will really get when they are creating them, a pinch of gunpowder, color and what not. We are all fascinated by fireworks on the Fourth of July. (Only a few friends who have been to war or other wise have post traumatic concerns do not tolerate the sound -- some where ear plugs.) I think people enter book giveaways because people who like to read, really like to read. They are willing to take the chance that they will see something awe striking. Now for those in the know in the reading world all this is probably obvious. I'm just learning. Needless to say,  I set up another give away.