September Williams' Chasing Mercury Audiobook is FREE this week to honor the POST/11/9 THE NEW NOW [NOW] EXHIBIT OPENING


1. IF YOU WOULD ACCEPT MY GIFT OF A FREE COPY OF MY  CHASING MERCURY Audio Book with a free trial of Audible,  Here is the Link For A Free Audible COPY OF Chasing MERCURY in honor of the opening of the Exhibition POST/11/9 THE NEW NOW [NOW] on 11/9/2017 to 11/12/2017 in Chicago. The trial can be discontinued anytime before the  30 day trial is up ( set your calendar alarm  if you choose to.) If you already have Audible you can probably already get it free or for 1 credit.

2. If you don't use AMAZON/Audible, but have a public library card ( that you can usually  get on line) Get a free copy of the CHASING MERCURY AUDIOBOOK rented to you for 3 weeks at a time  by going to it supports Chasing Mercury and IT WILL HELP THE ART EXHIBIT POST/11/9 THE NEW NOW [NOW]

3. CHASING MERCURY AUDIO-BOOK is also Whisper SYNC enabled so that you may read the EBOOK and when you just can't put it down -- but have to hop in the car -- it will pick up in the audiobook where you left off ( I know -- first world problems right?) You may think it's funny but here is one of the first reviews a few months ago about the ebook -- if the audiobook had been out then she would not have had this problem!! 

5.0 out of 5 starsIt's a Romantic suspense, ByOla Bondson July 16, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseI loved this book. It's a great romance. But it is also a story about stong family and community background working for social and environmental justice. Multiple families are intertwined over years. Finally, it is also a suspense. I had a doctors appointment which I was in the last third of the book when I finished with the doctor I could not put the book down to drive home. I stayed in the waiting room for two hours so I could finish. The suspense had built up so much I just had to know what happened!

 CLICK Here is the video which Defines the POST/ 11/9  THE NEW NOW [NOW} artists, writers and thinkers movement.