September Williams' 'The Elephant in the Room: Bioethical Concerns In Human Milk Banking' is reviewed by Grady Harp on Amazon

In Grady’s review he says: “In a warmly rendered book, very soundly based on research and facts, we are introduced to a topic that may have eluded many – with the high birth rate and the need for mothers to be employed there is a physical gap between knowing that breast milk is far superior in nutrition and other aspects than milk form the market, and finding a way to supply breast milk for all infants. The concept of HMBANA (Human Milk Bank Association of North America) has become a very important topic – ‘Despite operating under its own moral purposes, as well as legal restraints….”

He also appreciated the dialog about race and infant mortality.
” September shares an excellent section on interracial milk banking: ‘‘Black’ is used here as it is: a social construct which makes the average person, bus driver, cashier, or police officer consider the individual as Black. With the human genome mapped, racial categories are known to be weak proxies for genetic diversity and need to be phased out. This is an important concept. Since the human genome has been mapped—thanks to Henrietta Lacks—we know that there is no genetic scientific basis for race…’”

Please have a look at Grady’s review on Amazon and if you find it helpful let him know by checking the box that says so. Reviews are the life blood a book success and I am eternally grateful to those who take the time to read and review my books.

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