September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury learns more about the writing trade.

Oh Lordy... I spent most of the day crafting a press release, learning about the rating system of Amazon, setting up my authors account on Good Reads. Searching for good reviewers for the book, answering my one reviewer on Amazon, and writing a press release for the reading at Inside story at Octopus Lounge in Oakland on 7/20. I also  used the event to  test out a new Press release service ( had used PRNews Wire in the past.) So in other words,  I was working on  the other part of writing all day -- getting people to read it.  All the while I was longing to get back to writing the second part of the Chasing Mercury series.  I'm torn between calling it  Lead Wait or  Weighing Lead. Give me your vote. Half the day  I usually stand at my computer. Today I took a tiny break and watched my son pilot a drone through the windy stratosphere. I thought the the pictures he took were great - he hated them -- but then he is an artist.