September Williams Author of Chasing Mercury- Blood River, Summer 1965-1968 vs Watts Community Health Center 2017.

...All the families on the cul-de-sac slept on floors and sofas at our house. Having just turned ten, my visit that weekend was to be a celebration with cul-de-sac friends. If not for the nauseating smell of ignited rubber, it might have seemed like a block party. Though I thought Ellie was at work when I asked my grandparents, “Where is my Mommy?” I was seeking confirmation. My spending a week of summer vacation on the cul-de-sac gave Ellie a holiday from parenting but not work. She made extra money by taking more shifts.”

Sicily Marshall, Chasing Mercury, Chapter 15, Blood River Summer 1965-1968 

This week I visited the Watts Community Health Center -- it's been providing high quality health care in a place where it's most been needed for 50 years. I was there to celebrate World Breast Feeding Day. Sometimes I feel like we are in a time warp thrusting us back to the bad'o days and other days not -- this was one of those days 'not.'