September Williams Author of 'Chasing Mercury' Reviews Cory Franklin's new book 'The Doctor Will See You Now'

The Doctor Will See You Now: Essays on the Changing Practice of MedicineThe Doctor Will See You Now: Essays on the Changing Practice of Medicine by Cory Franklin
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You May Not Wanna Read this Book-- But Ya Oughta-- and You Won't Be Disappointed.

When physician-author Cory Franklin’s 'The Doctor Will See You' arrived in the mail — I started reading it immediately. I cancelled my Dance Class. When I had to go out, I bought the audiobook so I could keep listening. I knew the geography of his stories, Chicago, Boston, the history of all medicine… but the craft of the presentation—Oh baby the craft!

Anyone who has read Cory Franklin’s Cook County ICU, or listened to his regular pod cast Remembering the Passed ( ) knows one thing for sure — this is one of the smartest men ever born. You know the type. He could probably tell you who won the World Series on the second leap year, after the first airstrike by US troops in Vietnam — he’s that kind smart. It also happens he is an iconic physician and ethicist whose humanity is as great as his intelligence — and yeah you can figure that all out by his writing. The second thing to know about this book is: you are an idiot if you try to guess at his politics or what he will think or say on the next page — just go along for the ride. He simply has seen too much, knows too much and cares too much, to not to have anything but an original analysis.

'The Doctor Will See You Now'— though very different in tone from Victoria Sweet’s astounding exploration in Slow Medicine — it covers the same territory and more. The book reads like a film you meant to see. From the analysis of spectacular violence in the media and its immolation in life — or vice versa — to uproarious humor — you almost forget the book is a memoir, not ficiton. If you care about the history, present or future medicine, humanity or life on the planet, this is an essential read for you. But don’t be confused though you will find yourself rolling on the floor in laughter, there will be head shaking and tears.

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