September Williams' Bioethics Screen Reflections AT THE MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL (MVFF41) Screenings

— and when I’m allowed ( because press has been asked hold reviews for theatrical releases on some films) I will share my reviews on or wherever else you like to read them. Todays ‘share’ is WIDOWS. I’ll see it on Saturday 10/06/2018 at the Sequoia theater in downtown Mill Valley at 7PM. It’s A story of a group of women who are forced to pull off a heist after their reprobate husbands up and died leaving them dangerously in debt and without a pot to… well you get the picture. — Check Here at the MVFF41 website to see if there are still tickets available at any of the screenings and for other info about the Mill Valley Film Festival. Also, read Joe Bowman’s great program notes on this film.

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