September Williams’ CHASING MERCURY Print Edition Promotion: International Women's Day #PRESSFORPROGRESS

Chasing Mercury is  a romance-suspense-memoir ultimately about families and particularly the strength of its mothers joining together to  fight for environmental justice.  It is a legacy of the Women working in factories in the early 1900s - those same factories which dumped lead and mercury into our waterways, some of which we are still cleaning up. The women went out on strike and fought at a time before women were allowed to even vote in the USA.  

A portion of proceeds for Chasing Mercury always have gone to Green Action California. This March I want to focus on  honoring the contribution of the community of women of Green Action for Health and Environmental Justice on  International Women’s Day 03/08/2018, through promoting the sale of the Chasing Mercury print edition to support the International Women's day Campaign theme this year

Green Action California is an organization that  stands out in it's leadership and grassroots community based organizing. When in a room with Green Action members you are in a room with people who are the breath of race, class, culture--and gender-- in this country. The women of Green Action have worked to be trained through the organization as community advocates and organizers. They are concerned with the full scope of environmental justice from clean water, high infant mortality and congenital defects from toxic waste, radioactive dumping, lead,  mercury... The organization operates on a shoestring and yields some of the most powerful work in the environmental health movement--and when you are in that room--you notice that it is the women who have brought their children, husbands and neighbors to the struggle. 

You all have been wonderful helping me to realize part of my dream to support those on the front line of environmental justice struggles over  these 6 months while I  published the Chasing Mercury Ebook, Audiobook and now completing the ensemble with the Print book! I am humbled and grateful by your response to movements of our combined importance--and I look forward to your continued support.  PLEASE GIVE CHASING MERCURY AS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY GIFTS!

xx September