September Williams, MD Author of Chasing Mercury Works on the Chasing Mercury Toxic Trilogy Walking at Tennessee Valley Cove Near Sunset

Having to nurse my knee and brain injury issues, and traveling so much over the past months, I have missed the intimacy with the  geography of Southern Marin. I had forgotten how important the Tennessee Valley trail walk was to the process of writing Chasing Mercury. I usually walk while listening to music ( a lot of YoYo Ma) or listening to a novel that I will hear twice. I write whole chapters in my head between other artist stanza's and movements.  I am happy to be able to walk there again -- and struggle not to do too much of it on threat of anatomical relapse--which would definitely slow the progress of Book #2 of the Chasing Mercury Toxic Trilogy.  After all, Chasing Mercury is published by Cove International Publishers.